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Are you into sports, but often struggle to find the right information, people or club to join? Do you want to play football, but don’t know where to look for clubs? Need a running partner, but don’t have any running mates? Find everything you need on this website!

AllSports Australia can help you be matched in the following sports

  • Winter Sports
  • Athletic Sports
  • Team Sports
  • Cardio Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Adventure Sports
  • Individual Sports
  • Water Sports

Are you looking for a sporting coach?

  • Football Coach
  • Tennis Coach
  • Cricket Coach
  • Basketball Coach
  • Netball Coach
  • Swimming Coach
  • Rugby Coach
  • Soccer Coach
  • Martial Arts Instructor

Are you looking for a local sports club?

  • Football Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Cricket Clubs
  • Diving Clubs
  • Climbing Clubs
  • Basketball Clubs
  • Netball Clubs
  • Swimming Clubs
  • Baseball/Softball Clubs
  • Shooting Clubs
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Soccer Clubs
  • Athletics Clubs
  • Horse Ridings
  • Squash Clubs

Do you need a playing or hitting partner?

  • Tennis playing partner
  • Running partner
  • Squash hitting partner
  • Jogging partner
  • Cycling buddy
  • Badminton Partner

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